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無料の KMZ アイコン

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KasseBanknotenGeldpaper billsPaper Money
Idee eines Geld Symbols
Money is a currency that can either be circular in shape with rugged edges that are imprinted on it. Or rectangles with sharp edges, and very flat and very thin. It has things written on it to inform you of how much it is.
Diese Seite zeigt verschiedene Variationen des Geld aus einem Icons8 Symbol-Paket. Du kannst die Größe ändern, das Symbol neu einfärben und es im PNG-Format kostenlos herunterladen.

Idee eines Geld Symbols von Viktor Rodriguez

Wir erhielten die Idee über November 29, 2011 und haben das Symbol für January 15, 2012

A bunch of icons that describre all the business area. Like briefcase, money, bag of money, sales, package, delivery, shop, money transaction, business men and woman, and other stuff related to business

Geschichte des Geld Symbols

Counting your chips at the felt covered table, counting your coins at the kitchen table with everyone hovering over you, and every last paper note in your wallet. You begin to realize that money is becoming more important. And that leaving your snotty kids and your worthless wife an inheritance is not so important—especially after she cheated on you while your kids covered it up. So to get back at them, you can download one of our icons from this free icon pack whether you're an Android, iOS or Windows user. This icon pack contains not only the Money icon, but also:
  • Coins—fake, printable ones, of course, so that when they go to the bank and open up your private lock box they see nothing but an elementary school project of cutout coin icons.
  • Wallet icons—nothing says "I don't want to give you any money" quite like a fake wallet.
  • Poker chip icons—show them how much you care about "their inheritance" by printing out poker chip icons and placing it in your private lockbox.
  • Check icons—Checks are already printed on paper, but why not add your own "seal of approval" by printing it on inkjet paper and leaving it in your lockbox. You can even make the check out to "gullible idiots" for 666 million.
As you can see, we here at Icons8 show a lot of respect for the dead that worked hard, just not for those who are living and choose not to work.

Usage of Money Icon

While Beyoncé was surely on point when she said that girls run the world, a close second to who runs the world?

“Money!” exclaims the investment banker atop his ivory tower, and every other person going through the daily grind, probably. Because let’s be real—it’s not love that pays the bills. Amirite, ladies?

And if you need just about anything related to fake money, we got you. Here in Icons8, we can assure you that no money icon is left behind. We have everything from the good ol’ piggy bank we entrust our humble wealth to, to credit cards that effectively persuade us, time and time again, to buy things we don’t need with the money we don’t have. Thanks, banks!

money and credit card icon
Yes, we have a bank symbol to represent money, too.

bank icon

Of course, we also have the loaded bag of money that we hardly see in real life, and the ever-reliable actual money—coins and paper bills.

money bag icon

And we also have other symbols related to money. For just about any purpose you please, here are other icons you can use:
  • Coin purse
  • Wallet
  • Poker chips
  • Bank check
  • Price tag
  • Briefcase
money icon collage
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