Beautiful and confident, like the autumn itself
The best bouquets are the ones you can eat afterwards
Simple, minimalistic life calls for independence and i have a lot of that for sure
Minimalism is just a style unless it comes from your heart
Pirates have their parrots on the shoulder, i have something way better
When the conversation is going well and you are thinking about a thing to say to make it even more wholesome
Soon-to-wither flowers for a fading memory of summer
Sometimes a single autumn bouquet is just enough to bring back all the sweet memories from past
Neat and pretty like the essence of the last day of september
It could pass for a christmas tree toy if it weren't too heavy
I just don't know how to dill with my love to condiments
Last reminders of the long gone summer
Gossiping with my squad
Reading between the lines? too easy! reading without the lines is what i'm into nowadays
Step by step i'm going to become really great at paddling