Two Editable Styles

Choose from either filled or outline style icons then recolor them to perfectly match your project. Bonus: System icons also look great paired with full-color Fluency icons!

Full coverage

Never come up empty handed when looking for the perfect icon. This style provides an incredible number of consistent icons to suit any project need.

Legible anywhere

Systems icons are designed to look great everywhere, even at very small sizes. Improve your apps accessibility by adding contextual icons to your UI designs.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use these icons for free?
Fluency icons are free to use as long as link attribution to Icons8 is placed on the finished work/page. Free icons do have size and format limitations. For any involved project we recommend purchasing a license to experience full icon quality. See pricing
Do you offer an API?
Yes, this style and over a hundred thousands other beautiful icons can be easily accessed via our API. This is ideal for making production apps and services. Contact us
Are there any apps to use these icons?
Yes, we offer apps for easy use on MacOS, Windows, and Figma. See apps
How can I use these icons?
Our icons are perfect for use in mobile and web apps, SaaS software tools, infographics, presentations, reports, and client work.
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