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Frequently asked questions
Can I use these 3Ds for free?
Yes, they’re free to use if you set a link to icons8.com. If you don't want to put a link, then subscribe and get all our illustrations in high quality. More about linking
How can I use these 3Ds?
Use them for on-boarding flows, app walkthroughs, hero graphics, presentations, websites. We think these illustrations will look great anywhere!
Do you have other graphic assets?
We have lots of design assets to cover any of your needs: icons, illustrations, photos, and even music. Check out our 3D Hands, 3D Casual, 3D Business, and 3D Textures. And more 3D stuff is coming soon, so be sure to subscribe to our email list for the latest news!
Can I edit these graphics?
We do not provide source 3D files for now. Yet, you are free to customize these illustrations however you wish. All these renderings have transparent backgrounds to combine people and objects and even mix them with other graphics.